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If stress is a preliminary factor at the root of most illness or injuries, wouldn’t putting our bodies in the most stress-free environment make sense? Floatation therapy stimulates the body’s own natural power of healing & regeneration as designed.



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This is for entrepreneurs looking to open their own Floatation and Massage Spa or as an added service to an existing business. We give you all of our knowledge, as well as two incredibly affordable floatation spas.



sports trainers, injury clinics, universities

Floatation Therapy reduces recovery time from training, injury or surgery. Athletes who are suffering from various types of joint and/or muscle pain, sprains, surgeries, injuries will benefit significantly from floatation spa therapy.


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Relax – Feel Better – Be Healthier

Floatation therapy is rapidly becoming the “go to” for people who are highly stressed, have chronic pain, adrenal fatigue, sleep disorders, asthma and are in rehabilitation.

Stress, the number one destroyer of your immune system, can be kept “at bay” with a simple regimen of floatation therapy.

And deep relaxation is a major boost for almost any physical issue.
Just one hour of floatation therapy is equivalent to approximately 4 hours of restorative sleep, and has detoxification results similar to a three-day fast!

Alone, these two benefits will help restore, revive and renew your “defenses” to their normal healthy “state”.

Are you a stressed manager, an injured patient, a recovering athlete or an exhausted mom?

Floatation therapy is your shortcut to health and well-being.

Floating helps to stimulate the body’s own natural power of healing and regeneration.

@Peace Floatation Spas are completely user friendly and the most affordable floatation spas on the market.


One of the safest and most cost effective forms of self care is now available to retail spas, businesses, and homeowners alike.

Visit our retail Spa/Showroom to try this newly growing alternative therapy or just stop by to take a look. We have two spa suites available on site, and each includes a private shower, dressing area, and Floatation Spa.

These spas were custom designed to allow the most comfortable and relaxed experience as possible.

Contact us today to find out how @Peace can put you At Peace!


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