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Floatation Therapy for Residential Use

If stress is a preliminary factor at the root of most illness or injuries, wouldn’t putting our bodies in the most stress-free environment make sense? 

We are at an all time high of sensory overload and inevitable stress living in today’s society.  How do we combat this?  Eating right, a good night’s sleep and keeping active on a regular basis are just the basics to good health.  Controlling stress levels, whether physical, emotional or physiological can be a bit more challenging.  

Floatation therapy stimulates the body’s own natural power of healing and regeneration as designed.  @Peace Floatation Spas began with the belief that a natural environment would allow people to take complete control of their stress levels and overall health in the privacy of their own homes.  Our goal is to redesign the master bathroom with the removal of unused jacuzzi tubs, replacing them, with a product that is far superior.  @Peace Floatation Spas can be purchased for under $10,000  and is ready for you to use at any time day or night.  While the maintenance costs are far less, the benefits are endless.  The added advantages of saving water, time and money are just a few of the reasons our spas make sense.  Check with your accountant and insurance companies on benefits available.



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